Want something new and exciting for your PC? Look no further!

Presenting... - Universal Tutor, a piece of both entertaining and educational software for use at home, school or your work machine. Every time your PC is idle, this software plays educational videos retrieved from its online database, with regular updates. With Universal Tutor you'll be learning new things in no time!

Ever-expanding source of knowledge.

After installing you choose the subject, then Universal Tutor instantly downloads educational videos from the server. New videos are always being created to suit everyoneís needs, with subjects such as Astronomy, History, Culture and more. The complete, updated list of available educational videos is automatically retrieved when your PC connects to the server.

Your PC will love this software too!

Universal Tutor is specially created not as a 3D-application or pure video player, so it won't bog down your PC. No more listening to that irritating fan noise from your laptop struggling to stay cool as when running a 3D-application.

Free test drive! Download Universal Tutor and start learning today with a free trial!

Several educational videos in each subject are available without a subscription. This will give you an idea of what to expect from our educational software. Download Universal Tutor *You can safely run this software as it has been thoroughly tested for malware and viruses.

Invest in yourself. Subscribe today and start your ongoing education!

Like Universal Tutor? Please consider subscribing! Subscribed users get full access to the server, and will help us keep working hard on developing new educational videos. Subscription automatically includes a family license, where you may use your single subscription key on up to 5 computers at home, school or work (that you have administrative rights to) all at the same time.

Have some questions? Send us a request and we will do our best to respond promptly.

Your input matters, and helps us continually improve our software. Being a micro-ISV with its first (and we expect very successful) product, we really value your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason!

Educational Software Screenshot: Planets of The Solar System/Earth

Some of the Universal Tutor screenshots. The actual picture has a true HD (1920x1080) resolution.

Learn more about the world around you.

You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Now you can quench it in your spare time with this educational software!

An unobtrusive educational process.

Have kids? Then you know how distracted they can get with their computers. Install Universal Tutor and let them learn... while they play.

A new way to learn.

Itís not easy to keep peoplesí attention long enough to study traditional lessons, especially in todayís wired world. A more subliminal approach has been proven to be highly effective. It's what we call incidental learning and our educational software takes full advantage of your brainís capacity for this. No need to stare at your PC all day, trying to absorb information. Itís like when you learn the lyrics of a song being played in the background without even realizing it.

High-quality original animated educational video lessons.

The educational videos focus on the most interesting information and amazing facts to keep your brain engaged. Stunning music accompanies the rich visuals to help you become engrossed with the subject matter you've chosen. As the lessons are actually not pure video files, but rather special packs of text, graphics and music, they offer a true Full-HD experience while being compact in size. The videos are stored in the local cache upon download to run quickly and easily without bogging down your PC.

Using resources that were supposed to be lost anyway.

Research shows that a common PC stays idle for up to forty percent of the total time it is powered on. All of that time wasted showing bubbles and fish, or just a black screen at best (saving only one-fifth of the total power consumption). Sad but true, but not for you!